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Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / The Seven Sins 8 Redemption


Release Year: 2001
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Eric Hanson, Steve Cassidy, Jason Hawke, Kyle Lewis, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Aaron Parker, Andrew Addams, Chad Johnson, Chad Thomas, Chris Steele, Damon Stavros, Duke Miller, Eli Horst, JJ Bond, Robert Collins, Ryan Scott, Tommy Lord
Genres: Outdoor sex, Rimming, Fetish, Masturbation, Anal / Oral sex, Cum shots, Group sex / orgies

The award-winning Seven Sins serieses to a close with Redemption, revealing the final chapter for each of the sexy sinners.
Hunky Duke Miller has a little too much Pride in himself and when he takes on leather stud Chris Steele he gets a little more than he bargained for. After getting all worked up about the idea of ??getting fucked by a big cock, Chris is disappointed to say the least in Duke, so he turns the tables on him and takes charge. Chris wastes no time burying his tongue in Dukes pink little hole. After getting Duke fired up, Chris shows him what a real big dick looks like and gives his ass a pounding he wont soon forget and then sprays his load all over Dukes smooth body.
Blake Harpers insatiable Lust meets its match when his coveted painting of Ja Branches to life and the two hairy studs unleash the fires of their sexual passions. The two take turns sucking each others cocks furiously and then fucking one another into a frenzy that leaves Blake covered with both of their creamy loads of cum.
Paul Carrigans Envy of youth turns to an obsession after a bathhouse trick tells him he is too old. To reclaim his youth, Paul trades his successful career for a chance to reclaim his youth and good looks so that he can be with Ryan Scott. As the young Paul Carrigan, super sexy Ja Hawke hooks up with Ryan at the bathhouse and literally fucks the cum out of Ryan. Ja in turn blows his load over Ryans smooth lean body and asks the young beauty to be his boyfriend. However when fate steps in, Ja learns that sometimes you should be careful what you ask for.
A simple curiosity leads to a sexual obsession for Tommy Lord and the young hunk falls victim to his own Greed. After his friend, Aaron Parker, decides that Tommy has be too much of a greedy little cocksucker he decides to cut Tommy off sexually. Tommy however will have none of that and brings in Eli Horst and Robert Collins to teach Aaron a les he wont forget. Eli is the first to have his way with Aaron, eating his ass out then fucking him like a mad man and finally Aaron to jerk him off. Then Tommyes in with Robert and the two studs grudge fuck Aaron and in the end leave him covered in their hot loads.
Steve Cassidy bes a victim of his own sexual Sloth, falling into a constant dream like state where all he does is lay around day and night caught up in a fantasy world of sexual escapades. Trapped in his dream world he is joined by Chad John, JJ Bond and Andrew Addams. Together the four studs worship one anothers cocks; eventually hung studs J.J. and Chad fuck Steve and Andrew.
After taking out his Wrath on his employees, Kyle Lewis has the tables turned on him when abused barbacks Chad Thomas and Damon Stavros corner him in a dark alley. After Kyle to service them both Chad bends over so Kyle can lick his hot shaved asshole. Then Damon Kyles ass in the alley while Chad Kyle, stroking his hard cock in his face.
Finally Eric Han, who became caught up in the Gluttony of his everlasting youth and porn career that spanned five decades, is transported back to 1968,

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:39:43
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps



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Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Grapik Art Productions Pleasure Pain


Release Year: 2003
Studio: Grapik Art Productions
Cast: Michael Knight, Michael Brandon
Genres: Grapik Art Productions

Slave boy Michael Knight experiences bondage, hard ass whipping, hard ass paddling, clips all over, as well as a pair of hard f"ckings. This video oozes red hot primal sex and domination.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:42:12
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1609kbps
Audio: 187kbps



Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Blades


Release Year: 2002
Studio: Studio 2000
Cast: Brad Benton, Bobby Steel. Ross Stuart, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Andy Hunter, Damon West, Cody Alexander, Aaron Saxx, Deacon Frost, Jac Sanders and Chris Bolton.
Genres: Feature Muscles Jocks Safe Sex

Bouncy boytoy Brad Benton is the star of Studio 2000? S latest extravaganza Blades and this is rea for his ever-expanding legion of fans to rejoice. Benton is one of the hottest stars on the scene today and is wanted by virtually everyone. Trust Studio 2000 and irrepressible director Derek Kent to deliver him to you first in The Hotspot flip-flopping with Richie Fine, then in The Scout Club getting boned by dreamboat DC Chandler, and now starring in Blades in two sexsational scenes. This truly handsome, all-American hunk has it all and knows how to use it. His secret is simple, he looks like a choirboy and fucks like the devil. Consider his gorgeous face, shock of blond-streaked hair, tightly packed physique, delicious dick and bold bubblebutt that takes on all cummers large or larger. He can act, he sucks like a vacuum cleaner, tops terrifically, and is the bottom of every dick? S dream. In short, Brad Benton is ready made for Studio 2000 superstardom.
Besides Benton, let? S take a look at the rest of the cast. Dynamic Duo, and real-life lovers, Jeremy Jordan and Ja Hawke make their private life public. Sandy-haired and thick-dicked Bobby Steel heats things up as Benton? S boyfriend. Blond Ross Stuart? S bum takes on Benton? S bone and is all the better for it. Dark-haired and hunky Deacon Frost and Damon West show how hung and horny they are in a threeway. Chris Bolt solo? S with saucy style, and new faces Andy Hunter, Cody Alexander, Jack Sanders and Aron Saks add snap crackle and lots of pop to the final six-man orgy.
Blades is a big-budget, glossy epic, which centers on skater Benton and his boyfriend Bobby Steel. As the tale opens Benton is practicing on the ice, being watched by studly Chris Bolt who is peeking out the door of the bathroom, jerking off. He pulls on his pudgy prick and blasts off a gooey load of guy gravy.
After an argument with Benton, boyfriend Bobby Steel goes to a backroom club and slides his thick tool through a glory hole and directly into the mouth of Deacon Frost. Let us say that Frost is way up to the challenge of deep-throating dick and this he does with relish. Joining the tumescent twosome is delicious Damon West who turns this into a cocksucking contest with everyone taking a taste of tool through the glory hole. West fucks feisty Frost? S tight ass doggie style as Frost sucks Steel? S schlong through a chain link fence. Just to keep the balance even, Steel takes his turn at topping Frost missionary as Frost sucks West? S wanger. Ball-bags tighten and three XL cum-showers follow.
Benton is walking home from practice and is offered a ride by Ross Stuart. After apologizing for snapping at each other earlier, they return to the rink for some honest to God hockey playing. Leaving the ice, they melt into each other? S arms for a rip-roaring scene that will wear you out. Their eyes flash as they smile, kiss, moan and groan, and lap at each other? S pecs before Stuart takes Benton? S big bone in his mouth. These two blond beaus are the picture of passionate perfection as they suck each other? S dick and explore every inch of exposed flesh. Benton fingers Stuart? S smooth butthole and rubs his considerable crank against his buttcheeks. All that remains is for Benton to slide his big boner into Stuart? S waiting asshole and dynamically fuck him all over the room. Benton sits down on the ice-sweeping machine and Stuart, without missing a beat, plops atop his prick and goes for a ride. Benton sprays out one of his by-now-notorious cum-showers and Stuart follows suit. Every second of this sizzling scene will astound and arouse you.
Barely giving you time to catch you breath, the next scene finds Studio 2000 favorites Ja Hawke and Jeremy Jordon getting it on in the locker room. There is something very primal and very peral about watching two men who are privately involved having sex on camera, and these two clearly know how to push each other? S buttons and go for the gusto. The diminutive boyish Jordan with his buzzed hair and pretty face is the ideal partner for the muscular hunkster Hawke. Jordon sucks Hawke? S uncut hose and nibbles his nuts. Hawke blows Jordon? S joint then fingers and fucks him across a bench with a that is not to be believed. The in-your-face close-ups capture every stroke. Finally, Jordon rides Hawke? S hose and creams off while being crammed.
Benton and Steel kind of decide to have a relationship but put themitment on hold for the evening when buddies Andy Hunter, Cody Alexander, Jack Sanders and Aron Saks arrive. This six-man orgy, which snakes its way all over a huge leather couch, is an erotic embarrassment of rockhard riches. Lots of kissing, loads of cocksucking and perating buttbanging will take your breath away. While every guy is gorgeous the centerpiece remains the insurmountably insatiable Benton. His homo hunger is a joy to behold as he takes cock in his mouth and up his ass with equal glee. At one point, all six guys are locked together either anally or orally in the hottest daisy chain you have every seen. In the end, each guy shoots his heavy load all over Benton? S buffed bod and if that isn? Ta cumbustible conclusion we don? T know what is.
Studio 2000? S Blades, starring the glistening and glamorous Brad Benton is a non-stop carnal cornucopia. Take a group of twelve guys guided by the artful hand of director Derek Kent and what do you have? You have a first class ticket to hard-on heaven, courtesy of Studio 2000.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:17
Video: 352x264, DivX 5, 761kbps
Audio: 187kbps



Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Say oldster


Release Year: 2004
Studio: Jocks, Falcon
Cast: Christian Taylor, Cameron Fox, Seth Adkins, Rocky, Jacob Hall, Breck Stewart, Joe Foster.
Genres: Anal, Oral

These two young studs waste no time getting down to business in a stiff session of sucking, fucking and exploring their mutual desire. When their urgent needs have been satisfied and the pair relax into the afterglow, Christian breaks the bad news that hes got to work the next day ... but Christians Breck Stewart will be around if theres anything Jacob needs.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:23:25
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps



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Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Gay Weekend vol.6


Release Year: 2003
Studio: S.E.V.P.
Cast: Zan, Jon, Marc, Chosk, Rapas, David, Linux, Ted, Tom, Grant
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Bareback, Rimming, Threesome, Facial Sumshots, Outdoor Sex, Young Men

Gay Weekend 6 is full to bursting with cute young guys with even cuter backsides and throbbing cocks.
Its the weekend and these hot boys are ready to party - and party they do, anywhere they can! Hot action throughout as they kiss and fondle before dropping to their
knees to tease and suck on rigid pricks and tight balls. Sizzling scenes unfold of duets and threeways in which heavenly rosebuds are stretched to capacity by uncut dicks.
The pleasure is evident as butt cracks are rimmed and the camera captures every dick-slapping moment before the eruption of hot salty spunk splattering over faces and toned bodies.
Will you enjoy your weekend this much?

Format: avi
Duration: 1:33:05
Video: 624x480, XviD, 942kbps
Audio: 62kbps



Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Hot Body in Rio de Janeiro


Release Year: 2002
Studio: All Worlds Video Frenesi Filmes
Cast: Marco Axel, Marcello Cabral, Roger Andrade, Marcelo Lagoas, Samuel Rodrigues
Genres: Anal,Oral,Cumshot,Latin,Muscle

"Like these guys don’t all have hot bodies? These sexy studs from Brazil bring you an all-out man-sex video with what these hotties do best - each other.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:55:59
Video: 720x540, DivX 5, 1457kbps
Audio: 125kbps



Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Marc Anthony


Release Year: 2003
Studio: Man Size, Private Man
Cast: Mario Perez, James Volt, Lucas Foz, Dany, Black Jack, Nico Blade, Luis Casas, Ricsi Volt Lesz and Kevin Kline.
Genres: Euro, Feature, Muscles, International, Safe Sex

He conquered Egypt with his asp & his ass . . . Its the most expensive XXX gay movie ever filmed!
Wee to the world of Ancient Rome and Egypt.
Its 58BC and the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is in turmoil. The Egyptian empire is falling apart at the seams and she doesnt know how to save her beloved kingdom. She asks the Gods and they tell her she must marry and bear a little to handsome Roman General Marc Anthony.
She sends for him and they are married, but then the real problems start, because Marc Anthony is GAY!
As Marc Anthony fucks his way around the Egyptian palace, Cleopatra begins to suspect that Marc may not be able to provide her with an heir to the throne. She tries everything to turn him straight including magic potions and spells, but when youre gay youre gay!
Marc Anthony is a hilarious big budgetedy that is crammed with the hardest gay sex, filmed on incredible sets.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:07
Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 1171kbps
Audio: 125kbps



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Full-length Gay Porn Movies » Gay Porn Movies 2000 - 2004 / Souvenir X (Uncut Memories)


Release Year: 2000
Studio: Body Prod / High Octane
Cast: Csaba T. /Imre T. /Attila J. /Gabor M./Sandor K./Attila Balog /Sandor S. /Csaba K./Attila D./Istvan K/Mihaly H./Attila Szabo
Genres: Twink, Anal, Group Sex, Muscle, Oral

Here is the story of 5 friends who meet up and relive the sexual exploits of their younger years. Gabor tells us about his fantastic time with 2 extremely well hung farmers. Michel goes on about being fucked by his masseur. Then, Attila relives his wild times with a mechanic and his enormous cock. As for Imre, he’s very much into the heated atmosphere inside the gym. To finish with, Jeremy makes us go crazy with his stories of wild stallions. These tales obviously give our young lads glorious hard ons and soon enough they are all over each other! Juicy endings, then!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:56:42
Video: 704x544, DivX 4, 1171kbps
Audio: 250kbps